7 Project Management Solutions for Every Digital Enterprise

Beginning a new project can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming - especially when the project requires a lot of time, resources and team members.

Although comprehensive planning and organization can go a long way, there are technology platforms that can be leveraged to simplify the project management process even further. Through these platforms, project managers can delegate tasks and track progress, while team members can share ideas and collaborate in a single environment.

That said, every platform comes with its own unique bells and whistles. So before your company begins its next project, take some time to research the platforms that can make a world of difference in keeping the project on track. To help you get started, Website Magazine has compiled a list of seven project management solutions for every digital enterprise, which can be found below:


Price Range: Free - $800/month
Asana's project management solution makes it simple for teams to communicate without email. The platform also makes it easy to collaborate, as it allows users to assign tasks and check status reports. Asana also makes it easier for users to achieve goals, as it helps teams stay focused and visualize the tasks at hand.


Price Range: Free - $9/user/month
Teams can collaborate, organize tasks and plan projects through the Azendoo platform. Not only does the platform help teams stay on track through task management features, but it also enables users to share files and communicate with colleagues without email. Plus, users can delegate jobs, schedule repeating tasks and export information to Evernote.


Price Range: $20 - $150/month
Basecamp is a popular project management platform that was used by more than 285,000 companies in 2013 alone. The platform runs in the cloud and is available to use either through a Web browser or through a smartphone. With Basecamp, teams can collaborate on projects, view progress, upload files, assign tasks, set deadlines and more.


Price Range: $5/user/month - $50/user/year
Teams can plan, share and organize projects with Glip. The platform enables teams to collaborate through text and video chat as well as share files. Plus, the platform is fully searchable, which makes it simple for users to search for conversations, documents or notes at any time.


Price Range: Free - $250/month
With Teamwork, users can easily navigate projects through the platform's search bar and "Switch Project " feature that gives users fast access to the last five projects they have worked on. Users can also assign tasks, due dates, set task reminders and generate custom task reports. Plus, Teamwork comes with a lot of other features, such as a milestones tracking, Gantt charts for planning and visualizing projects, privacy options, time tracking and more.


Price Range: Free - $50/month
The Trello platform helps users organize projects and collaborate with team members. Through the platform, "cards" are created for each task. Each card includes a brief overview of important information, and when selected, the back of the card features even more details, such as due dates, checklists, attachments, comments and more. Teams can also collaborate in real-time, assign tasks, vote on topics and more.


Price Range: Free - $199/month
The Wrike platform makes it easy for every team member to have access to current information, which makes tracking deadlines easier. The platform features an intuitive interface where users can create tasks, add milestones, access complete project overviews and more. It is also important to note that Wrike integrates with email, features real-time updates, offers workload management features, document collaboration, time tracking and more.

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