Ready for a Phone System in the Cloud?

Wave Broadband is introducing a new cloud-based phone system designed to replace legacy PBX switches.

The new Hosted Voice solution will give enterprises the benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - primarily cost and scalability - and remove the challenges of maintaining traditional phone systems. Business users will simply pay a flat fee per phone per month and can add new users if their business grows.

"For businesses, the promise of the cloud lies in making core processes both more efficient and affordable than before," said Harold Zeitz, Wave President and COO. "As a cloud-based phone platform, Hosted Voice delivers on this promise and is a great addition to our already robust portfolio of commercial Internet and data services."

Wave will be able to update the Hosted Voice system with new capabilities, as clients request them, without equipment upgrades or installations. Mobility functions will let customers connect their employees' mobile devices and manage the administration of their system through a simplified Web-based app.