Ready to Fire the Developer?

There was once a time when if you wanted to create a website you needed someone that was familiar with HTML and many other digital skills. That changed with time of course and now it is possible to have a website, and an attractive and functional one at that, in a matter of moments.

Mark these words - just like with websites, the same is going to happen to the development of applications. And in many ways it has already begun.

Wix, a popular cloud-based Web design and development platform, just introduced Wix Code, a solution that will allow users to create Web applications. Wix Code essentially provides an integrated development environment (IDE) that will enable developers, designers and the new "creator" set an opportunity to create web applications with business logic and a user interface.

For more advanced users, Wix Code offers enhanced capabilities using JavaScript for both front-end interactivity and design or with back-end functionality. Wix Code provides serverless functionality, removing the hassle of setting up and maintaining Web environments and allowing developers to focus their time on their application logic.

Wix Code also allows users to incorporate advanced features that were previously only available with custom code. Non-developers can take advantage of databases, databound UI components and end-user custom forms and input controls through drag-and-drop technology.

"Wix Code expands our market significantly by delivering a solution for creators, developers and designers to build web applications that can be tailored for any business need," said Avishai Abrahami, Co-founder and CEO.

"With Wix Code, we've already built the infrastructure and are providing a platform with the freedom and flexibility for users to create custom solutions without the hassle normally associated with setup and maintenance. There was no way that we could have possibly provided a vertical solution for every one of our global users, but we were determined to give them a way to do it themselves."