Remixes Come to Website Builder

Small businesses have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to creating a professional website. Even when they decide which route they will go - a design agency, in-house or independent designer or a website builder - there are so many choices within those options. 

It is helpful to keep track of the work of an agency or designer as well as updates to website builders to make informed decisions. DreamHost, a provider of Web hosting and cloud services, for instance, has made several new updates to its offering. DreamHost has announced that its website builder, Remixer, has introduced a new tiered pricing structure and new support for multi-page website creation (starting at $4.95 per month with Remixer) -- a highly requested feature among Remixer users. To provide more information on the updates, Website Magazine caught up with DreamHost VP of Corporate Communications Brett Dunst. 


How is the pricing structure different from before?

During its launch period, we had offered Remixer as a free perk for early adopters. Those early users will continue to receive access to Remixer at no charge, indefinitely.


Remixer will now be quite a bit more powerful than it was at initial launch, as we've continued to iterate and improve its feature set over time. Direct customer feedback strongly influences our product roadmap and will continue to do so.  We're just getting started!


With Remixer, was it just for a single-page website builder before?

At launch, sites built with Remixer could only contain a single page. Early user feedback made clear that single-page sites were not what the majority of our users were looking for. Some users found a creative workaround to this limitation - creating and interlinking multiple websites together - but that was an inelegant and clunky solution. We wanted to deliver a better experience, so we brought multi-page support to Remixer websites just a few weeks ago.

Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Customer feedback is crucial to the success of a tool like Remixer, so we're very careful to ensure that our own product strategy is driven by our users, not by our egos!


How does Remixer compare to other website builders?

There are a lot of established, big players in the website builder space. They've got years of lead time on us, feature lists a mile long and thousands of entrenched users.  That's OK with us! We're not necessarily trying to compete with them. What we're ultimately after with Remixer is simplicity. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when using a modern website builder, particularly if you've never worked on the Web before. Early on in the Remixer design process we asked ourselves "What makes a good website builder easy to use?" By focusing on what was essential and discarding the superfluous, we've been able to produce a site building tool with almost no learning curve, lowering the barrier of entry for getting started on the Web even further.