Secure Sharing with the Cloud

Plenty has been written about the baggage that security concerns attach to the cloud. These problems are obviously multiplied when it comes to sharing documents and information up there. This continues to be among the biggest hindrances to rapid cloud adoption for some companies.

Many companies recognize this, however, and have been working to find the best solutions available. Yesterday, it was announced that secure mobile messaging platform TigerText was offering API integration with Dropbox that would let users securely send documents using the cloud storage service. All of the documents will be encrypted so that they can't be downloaded, copied, or forwarded, and the pairing offers additional features like a pre-set lifespan and file attachment recall at any time.

The two companies worked to make sure this integration would be worthwhile for everyone, from the average Dropbox customer that shares files with friends and family to businesses sending highly sensitive information.

"Anyone who has information that they would like to be able to share through messaging, but won't build a platform themselves, can now have an extension to communicate in a secure fashion," says TigerText President Brad Brooks.

This new Dropbox integration feature will be immediately released to consumers, and will be offered to enterprise organizations by the week's end. To start, users can access their Dropbox accounts using the TigerText iOS app, with Android and Blackberry availability to come.