Performance Data From the Browser; Skimlinks Chrome Extension in Focus

Content monetization platform Skimlinks unveiled a new Web tool in late November 2013 that's quickly proving to be a valuable addition to the affiliate marketing toolbox.

The Skimlinks Editor, a Chrome extension, enables affiliates to receive notifications of partnership and monetization opportunities as they browse different merchant/advertiser websites. Affiliate can also see their commissions and referral fees through the tool along with real-time price monitoring. 

"As digital commerce continues to explode around the world, we're working to make the interaction between digital content and commerce seamless, transparent, and valuable for both readers and publishers," said Alicia Navarro, CEO of Skimlinks. "Skimlinks Editor is the next logical step in this progression, enabling an effortless experience for editors to determine the merchants that provide the most value to them and their readers."

The tool has been well received by Skimlink affiliate publishers.

"We're continually impressed by the ways in which Skimlinks seeks to better service publishers at the moment of content creation," said Erin Pettigrew, vice president for leading digital publisher Gawker Media. "Skimlinks' new Editor tool is another innovation in that direction. The Editor allows us to monitor retailer relationships and manage linking while we're creating content rather than requiring us to move out of our workflow. Basically, it's bringing the tools to the customer rather than requiring the customer to go to the tools. Great direction."

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