SortSite Checks Browser Compatibility

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 02 Apr, 2009

Electrum has released version 3.2 to help Web professionals check browser compatibility and aid in the fixing of identified issues.


The SortSite tool scans websites for problems to guarantee sites work in all browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. The tool also notifies developers of broken links and bad images. A few highlights of SortSite include: checking accessibility guidelines; confirming the site meets various search engine standards like Google and Yahoo! to improve SEO; and tracking data for long-term reporting.  


The goal of the product is to increase user experience while decreasing time and expenses of developers. SortSite 3.2 is available in standard or professional editions. System requirements include Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista; 512 MB RAM; and 8 MB of free space.


Cross-browser compatibility refers to the ability for a website (and increasingly web applications and scripts) to support all the various web browsers and their versions. Cross-browser essentially means that a website will works with all versions of all browsers to have existed since the web began.

There are many other browser compatibility tools including those provided by NetMechanic, BrowserCam, BrowserPool, PowerMapper- and of course my personal favorite Browser Shots.



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