SquareSpace 6 Ready for Prime Time?

Browser-based website design and content management platform Squarespace has released version 6 and it's worth a look - at least for the "somewhat" coding impaired. This is the first major software upgrade for Squarespace in over three years. Is it ready for prime time?

A vast improvement over the previous version, SquareSpace has in effect completely reengineered and reimagined its offering. Version 6 comes with over fifty new features including 20-plus responsive templates (which use HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript), a new page building technology dubbed LayoutEngine, deeper social integration, improved importing and stronger media management capabilities to name just a few.

"Today, technologies such as JavaScript and CSS3, along with support from all major browsers, are redefining the types of applications and websites that can be delivered within the browser," said Antony Casalena, CEO of Squarespace. "We can finally create rich, beautiful interactive applications and websites, and we are, in many ways, totally free to use the canvas of the browser to build anything we might want to make."

Squarespace 6, which has received mixed reviews so far, costs $8 per month after a 14-day free trial and comes with a free domain (with an annual subscription).