Stat Watch: The Preferred Coding Languages of Top Companies

Tech employment will grow 12 percent by 2024 compared to a 6.5 percent projected growth in all other industries according to staffing company Modis-that is 488,500 new tech jobs, with Web development seeing the highest growth. Not all developer skills are created equal, however, and nowhere is that more true than securing a coding position with a top enterprise in the U.S. 

Coding Dojo recently released findings from its research into coding language requirements for job openings at the largest U.S. companies and found that none of the top 25 companies in the Fortune 500 use just one coding language for products and services, and that on average they rely on four different languages.

"Much like any tool or application, companies use different coding languages for different requirements; there's not a one-size-fits-all option," said Coding Dojo Head of Curriculum Speros Misirlakis. "While specific jobs might focus on a particular language, this research shows that a single language could be a long term dead-end.  Aspiring and existing developers must learn coding's common building blocks and ultimately become fluent in multiple languages to have the adaptability and flexibility for a successful career."

Not surprisingly, JavaScript is the top coding language for current openings at top U.S. companies, followed in order by Java, Python, Ruby and Perl.

For preferred coding languages for some of the companies listed in Coding Dojo's research, check out the list below.
Java, Python, JavaScript, Perl
Apple: JavaScript, Python, Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP
Exxon Mobil: C/C++, C#, R, MATLAB
McKesson: Java, JavaScript
UnitedHealth Group: JavaScript, Java, Python
CVS Health: Java, JavaScript, Swift
AT&T: Java, Perl, Python, JavaScript
Ford Motor: C++, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python, Ruby
AmerisourceBergen: C#, JavaScript Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, Swift
General Electric: JavaScript, Java, Python 
Verizon Communications: Java, Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP
Cardinal Health: Python, Java, JavaScript, Perl
Costco: Python, Java, JavaScript, C
Walgreens Boots Alliance: Java, JavaScript
Chevron: Python, JavaScript
Fannie Mae: Java, Python, Perl, Ruby
J.P. Morgan Chase: Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Swift, Ruby
Express Scripts Holding: JavaScript, Java
Home Depot: JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby