Strip Responsive Lightbox In Focus

Modern Web designers (and the visitors and users of sites they develop) are familiar with lightboxes, a JavaScript technique that is used to display images - or any Web content - using modal dialogs where the asset (image, video, text) is shown filling a portion of the screen while the rest of the window is dimmed out.

Using lightboxes can be effective, but poor implementation can lead to a terrible overall user experience. Fortunately, there's no shortage of plugins and scripts which work well to put the user first and enable Web designers to really show their stuff.

One such lightbox script is Strip. What's unique about Strip is that it only partially covers the page (see images below); and since it's responsive in nature, users are able to interact with the webpage on larger screens while giving smaller devices (i.e. smartphones) a more traditional lightbox experience.

Another aspect of the Strip jQuery plugin is that it supports not only images, but YouTube and Vimeo files as well.

There are of course dozens of other similar responsive lightboxes including Rebox and Shadowbox.