Tackling Image Optimization & Page Load Speed with Akamai & BigCommerce

As any successful online retailer can attest, images can make or break a digital presence. As an ecommerce merchant, what solutions are you currently using to optimize the digtial experience? 

BigCommerce has announced that it has chosen cloud delivery platform Akamai to provide its Image Manager to its 55,000+ BigCommerce stores, offerng up accesses to the company's automated image optimization technology.

Merchants using the solution will be able to detect and convert their online images to software-specific image formats and even automatically deliver resized, mobile-optimized images to mobile shoppers, reducing large files that can really slow down site performance. Significantly decreasing the amount of time spent personalizing image variants is a sure path to optimizing the digital experience.

"Retailers are constantly in search of ways to improve the performance of their storefront, which has become increasingly difficult as ecommerce websites incorporate more functionality and imagery to engage shoppers," said Brian Dhatt, chief technology officer at BigCommerce. 

"Google's recent decision to include mobile page load speed as a factor in search rankings further emphasizes the importance of a high-performing storefront, and through Akamai Image Manager we are equipping BigCommerce merchants with another powerful tool to maximize conversion and deliver world-class experience to their customers."