The Future of App Development

The type of apps that enterprises are having built now is changing - right before your virtual eyes.

Software company Zco Corporation has released a list of trends it experienced in the course of developing mobile apps for its customer this year. The company indicated that more of its business customers began asking for internal, proprietary, enterprise apps in 2013 - those which are used exclusively by employees inside an organization. Zco also revealed that its customers were also requesting "hybrid apps" more frequently than in previous years. Hybrid apps run on more than one operating system using universal code within a "wrapper" for different platforms.

"Much more than in previous years, our clients have been asking for their apps to be available on Android and iOS at the same time. It used to be that they would dip their toes in the market with one platform before expanding. Now it's all in!" said Katie Meurin, Zco's Director of Marketing. "It's also crucial now more than ever to connect the apps to social tools like Facebook and Twitter, so that users can share content with their existing social networks. Our clients, especially in 2013, want apps that anybody can understand and start using and sharing right away."