The Most In-Demand Coding Languages By City

Coding schools are popping up everywhere, but what's the best language to learn? And more importantly, who's hiring?

Coding Dojo released a list of what it has found to be the programming languages most in demand - and they have broke down the list by city as well as part of its research.

The information could prove useful to those deciding on the best programming language to learn, or for developers who are considering where they should call home.

Programmers in New York for example that know their way around JavaScript and the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js) may find themselves at a company like Bloomberg. While those skilled in Python could head over to SpaceX while those in Chicago could soon call themselves Googlers.

Kudos to Coding Dojo for breaking down the research like this; it's more practical for those deciding on the languages to learn and provides some insights into the companies that might be hiring once those programmers have masters the essential skills.

"At Coding Dojo we're always revising our curriculum to prepare our students for the rapidly changing technology job market," said Michael Choi, CEO at Coding Dojo. "This analysis shows that the demand for coding skills is local, and knowing a language that will help you get a job in San Jose may not get you hired in Washington D.C."