The State of Work-Life Balance for IT

"Rise early, work late, strike oil."

The "always on" lifestyle of those in the realm of information technology (IT) may be taking its toll and companies are paying for it. 

PagerDuty recently released findings of research it conducted into the state of IT Work-Life Balance, for example, and it revealed companies risk losing a quarter of their IT professionals to a new job as a result of poor work-life balance. 

While many IT pro's agree their work-life balance is "not the greatest" according to PagerDuty's research, they tend to believe it is just "part of the job" and accept the time commitment involved.

Other notable highlights from the study include: 

+ In the US, nearly half (49 percent) reported their sleep or personal life is interrupted between 11 and 30 times a week.

+ Nearly a quarter of all IT professionals (24.9 percent) believe these interruptions adversely affect their work productivity enough to make their jobs unmanageable at times, which leaves companies with an elevated risk of employee attrition.

+ Almost 1 in 4 respondents (23.1 percent) reported they are more likely to look for a new job as a result of poor work-life balance.

"As organizations continue to integrate digital across their business, the demands of scale and speed place unprecedented pressure on IT professionals to maintain their business services for a quality customer experience," said Jennifer Tejada, CEO at PagerDuty.

"Using technology to transform the business operations is simply not enough. Building a competitive business also demands understanding and improving employee operations health so ITOps can perform at its best."