The Unstoppable Cloud Migration

Everybody is doing it - and you likely will too (if you have not already).

Eighty-seven percent of the business owners surveyed in a recent survey by The Alternative Board (TAB) reporting migrating to cloud-based systems in the past five years, with 76 percent considering their grasp of cloud computing at or above average. Nothing seems to slow the business migration to the cloud - not even security.

In fact, only nine percent of small business owners surveyed named privacy as their top concern.

"Small business owners are less concerned with data breaches that might set them back than streamlined systems that can move them forward," says David Scarola, Vice President of TAB. "This is a valid concern, considering business owners ranked poor employee training, poor transition/integration, and poor technical support above security as top challenges they faced when upgrading to cloud services."

According to the survey, nearly five times as many entrepreneurs plan on increasing their cloud spending (33 percent) than business owners who plan on decreasing it (7 percent) in the next year. The TAB survey also revealed that the main reason business owners seek out cloud-based systems is to make the workplace more mobile and productive.