Tiggr in Your Web Tank - Cloud-Based Web Prototype Builder

The list of prototyping solutions for the Web is long indeed. From Protoshare to JustinMind and the hundreds of available offerings in between, prototyping is a fundamentally important element of the site or application development process.

Launched today after seven months in beta, Tiggr (from Exadel) is a web prototype builder for creating, sharing, and previewing interactive HTML prototypes for Web and mobile applications. Features include prototyping with Web Preview (HTML/JS/CSS generation), social sharing, and the ability to upload image assets. The mobile palette even offers controls based on the jQuery Mobile framework for iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other mobile device.

The development fun does not stop there as there are several other noteworthy features including automatically syncing collaboration, templates, event setting (OnClick, OnChange), annotations (also include IM support), simultaneous editing of multiple screens (by multiple users), and a mobile grid component which supports resizable cells.

The Tiggr SaaS offering from Exadel is free to try or $20 per month for a professional subscription with an unlimited number of projects. Exadel is also offering a promotional price of $15 per month (forever) for those subscribing before September 30, 2011.

"Engaging stakeholders in the design and creation of the user interface for Web applications can be challenging for any design house or internal team," said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel. "Tiggr is designed to solve this problem as well as empower mobile application developers with first-of-its-kind capabilities for building mobile web and native apps for any device."