Visual App Development Comes to HTML5

It looks like HTML5 framework Sencha is on the move again, announcing the availability of Sencha Architect 2, a visual application builder that carries the potential to unlock even more possibilities in the new world of HTML5.

The solution, which is an upgrade of Sencha's Ext Designer, offers an application design environment for building both desktop and mobile Web applications. Features of Sencha Architect 2 include a UI that supports drag-and-drop components and connects to back-end data services, provides full code editing capabilities, and includes Model-View-Controller pattern support that allows app development teams to collaborate as they design.

Couple that with one-click packaging features for iOS and Android, and Sencha Architect 2 could be a real winner for serious developers.

"Sencha Architect 2 combines visual development with advanced coding features. This makes it ideal for serious developers who are new to the Sencha HTML5 Platform, as well as user experience designers," says Aditya Bansod, senior director of product management at Sencha.

"Sencha Architect 2 helps developers get productive quickly with rapid prototypes and mockups. When they're ready to start creating the final application, the new code editor generates tight, clean code, and well-structured applications."