Web-Based Cloud Service Meetin.gs Debuts

Last week's Nordic Arctic15 startup competition saw the introduction of Meetin.gs, a new Web-based cloud meeting service that "challenges existing online collaboration solutions and meeting software with its integrated solution."

Currently, the service is targeted on the European, North American and Australian markets.

The company boasts that the barrier of entry to use the services is the lowest available in the industry. Basic usage is totally free and it doesn't require users to remember the address of a Web page or passwords. On top of that, there is no additional software to install. Participants can simply log into the service through an email or calender invitation sent by the meeting organizer.

The service also offers a PRO version, which uses a monthly subscription to provide specific branding, more options for configuration, improved security and integration with back-end systems.

"We have estimated that the service saves approximately 2-6 weeks of work time a year for those who go to 30-60 meetings a month," says Meetin.gs CEO Teemu Arina.

Among the company's initial launch partners are Finnish teleoperators Elisa, Web conferencing systems provider Videra and Seats2meet.com, a Dutch business center network.