Web Developers are Soooo 2017

When you picture a developer in your mind, what do you see? A young, Redbull swilling, bleary-eyed geek working all night long or a suited-up 9-5'er creating complex database-driven applications before day's end and rushing off to their kids soccer game?

In the future, it is more likely to be the latter. 

Caspio, a low-code platform for online database applications, announced this week that over one million customer applications have now been built and deployed on its platform, providing futher evidence that the practice of digital development is changing rapidly. 

Caspio analyzed its customer usage data and discovered that the number of low-code application developers holding non-technical job titles, often referred to as "business developers," increased by more than 500 percent as compared to three years earlier. The majority of the non-technical roles, accordng to Caspio, were in market-facing departments such as sales, marketing, field services and customer support.

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"Caspio's founding vision was to enable and empower business professionals to build custom web applications on an easy-to-use platform that is trusted and endorsed by I.T. for enterprise compliance, security and scalability," said Caspio CEO Frank Zamani. 

"As the market begins to fully recognize the power of the business developer, Caspio remains focused on providing the sophisticated capabilities our customers need to tackle the challenges of business transformation."

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