Web Hosts and Developers - The Perfect Partnership

By Kelly Meeneghan, Manager

1&1 Internet, Inc. (www.1and1.com)

Now more than ever, the hosting industry has experienced a strong consumer demand for credible third-party application integrations within business websites. In order to satisfy this need, Web hosts are reaching out to the developer community for the opportunity to contribute to a high-end application library. Through a strategic partnership, developers have the chance to work with the Web hosts to further develop and publicize their app concepts while gaining vast visibility to the host's customers. 

1&1 is an example of such a host offering a development partner portal (devpartner.1and1.com) to give developers the ability to further develop and market an application to 1&1's user base. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Viewbix (https://www.viewbix.com/), a popular video marketing tool, Jonathan Stefansky knows firsthand how valuable collaborating with a Web host like 1&1 on an app development project can be. Stefansky saw a mutually beneficial opportunity with 1&1 and a chance to help grow his program's consumer outreach. 

For the past two years, Viewbix has been providing video marketing opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses all over the world. Adding a layer to pre-existing videos and photo streams, Viewbix integrates "call to action" buttons directly within the multimedia. This technique has proven to increase mailing list subscription rates, social media visitors and followers, as well as appointment bookings, to name a few.  

"Partnering with 1&1 Internet has been one of the smoothest collaborations we have ever had. Within 30 days our program was complete and implemented within 1&1's flagship product, MyWebsite. This was a great way for Viewbix to get immediate exposure to their existing 500,000+ customer base," said Stefansky.  

Whether you have already developed a reputable app or a private developer working on a new idea, consider venturing into the hosting industry for partnership opportunities. Collaborating with a Web host gives your program direct access to thousands of customers all with little to no investment - depending on the level of development support needed. 

Currently with 70,000 customers, Stefansky felt that is just made sense for Viewbix to work with 1&1. "We look for companies that value the partnership, have similar target audiences and are an active and growing company - 1&1 fit all the criteria. They also showed interest in shared marketing and a focus on supporting the customer, which are both very important to us.  Their impressive client base holds great value in the development partner campaign and the whole process was a great experience. 1&1 was responsive, reactive and extremely helpful throughout both the development and integration process," said Stefansky. 

1&1's developer partner program is ideal for developers on all levels - whether starting from scratch or looking to increase the visibility of a pre-existing application.  For example, 1&1 provides assistance by providing a partner with a software development kit or SDK. Developed with a high level of standardization, the SDK makes all App solution integrations as easy as possible so the solution fits perfectly to the MyWebsite product. Additionally, an App can be further worked on with the help of an experienced 1&1 Web developer.  If the partner does not have the time or ability to fully develop the application on their own, 1&1 helps the partner by connecting them to a development agency which is highly skilled in developing MyWebsite Apps.

A hosting provider will then add it within their catalogues, such as 1&1 App Catalogue, at no cost to the developer. Once in the catalogue, the app is visible and available to an already extensive customer base, which continues to grow on a daily basis. 

"There is big potential for developers to take advantage of a Web host, like 1&1, to help increase their exposure. Partnering with a credible Web hosts increases the app's reach and visibility among the DIY and hosting users which leads to overall increased profits and business success," added Stefansky. 

To begin a partnership with 1&1, a developer needs only to submit their App concept to the 1&1 team via the developer partner portal (devpartner.1and1.com)

Kelly Meeneghan is a manager at 1&1 Internet, a global leader among Web hosts. 1&1 provides companies with the tools necessary to get online and be successful. For more information visit www.1and1.com or learn about how you can drive success for your business at www.success.1and1.com.