10 Platforms for Obtaining Customer Feedback

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To keep an e-commerce store running at peak-performance, merchants need to pay attention not only to analytics, but also to customer feedback.

While analytics are a good starting point for figuring out which site elements need to be revamped or tested, customer feedback gets straight to the point by telling merchants exactly what a site visitor liked or disliked about their shopping experience. This type of insight can be used to quickly implement adjustments to a Web store in order to optimize the user experience.

There are many ways that merchants can obtain feedback from their customers, from social media to surveys and forums, which is why Website Magazine has compiled a list of platforms that merchants can leverage to gain insights into their customers’ shopping experiences.

Get Satisfaction

Merchants can use the Get Satisfaction platform to implement a more social shopping experience into their Web stores. This is because the platform can be used to obtain and respond to customer feedback regarding questions, problems, ideas and praise. Get Satisfaction can also be integrated directly into product pages with the E-Commerce Communities solution, which can help answer common customer questions and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.


SuggestionBox enables merchants to put a virtual suggestion box on their website. Merchants simply need to add a few lines of code to their site in order to start capturing feedback in real-time. The platform offers the ability to organize feedback as well as group similar suggestions together so that one response can reach multiple customers. It is also important to note that merchants have the ability to choose which suggestions stay private or become public.


This popular Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform is leveraged by more than half of the Fortune 50. It allows merchants to gain real-time feedback for a variety of channels, including websites, mobile sites, products and even brick-and-mortar stores. The platform’s opt-in, page-specific model helps capture feedback from consumers who are already engaged with a brand, which can help organizations pinpoint issues in real-time and take action quickly.


Merchants can use the Kampyle platform to learn which areas of their website customers are likely to run into trouble. This is because site visitors can submit feedback on a variety of issues – from broken links to reporting competitive prices seen on other websites. Additionally, the platform's feedback forms automatically prompt visitors to include their contact details and also provide a newsletter opt-in area, which enables visitors to easily subscribe to a merchant's email campaign.


Merchants can leverage the UserVoice Feedback solution to collect and manage their customers' input. The solution provides merchants with a forum where customer can both submit and vote on feedback and allows people to submit feedback without signing up for an account. Moreover, UserVoice’s search-as-you type functionality ensures that customers are able to find similar feedback to vote on instead of creating a duplicate entry on the same topic. The solution moderates content so that forums aren’t littered with spam or profanity, however, merchants also have the ability to turn on manual moderation in order to have complete control of content.

Zoho Discussions

Merchants can create their own customer support community with the Zoho Discussions platform, which offers rebranding tools so that users can customize their support community to stay consistent with a brand’s look and feel. Additionally, the platform enables merchants to set moderation guidelines, export data, use widgets to capture feedback from across the Web and organize discussions.


The Usabilla platform is unique because it not only provides merchants with consumer feedback, but also measures customer emotions. Merchants simply need to add a snippet of code to their site so that the feedback button is visible to visitors. The platform enables consumers to select and rate any item of a Web page by choosing one out of five emotions. Site visitors can also add comments to provide additional feedback if desired. Moreover, the platform provides merchants with a dashboard that includes a visual trendline in order to keep track of collected feedback over time.

Google Moderator

Google has a tool for everything, including obtaining feedback. The Google Moderator tool is free and allows users to create a forum about anything (e.g. site usability) and open it up for people to submit questions, votes, ideas or suggestions. For the best results, merchants should embed their Moderator page to their website.


Merchants can leverage this platform to gain insights from customers through surveys and comment cards. Users can design their own surveys and control who receives the surveys. iPerceptions collects data such as location, IP address, operating system and browser type for each respondent, which makes it easy for merchants to analyze specific customer segments. Furthermore, the platform has the ability to collect feedback in more than 32 languages.


IdeaScale enables merchants to foster a community by allowing customers to submit feedback, discuss and vote on ideas. The platform also offers a Facebook App so that the IdeaScale community can be integrated directly onto a merchant’s Facebook Page. Moreover, the platform comes with a profanity filter, a polling tool and a plethora of customizable features, including custom development, CSS and URL, as well as the ability to customize status tabs.

These are just a few of the 'Net's many available platforms for obtaining customer feedback. Let us know what platform or strategies your enterprise leverages in the comment section below.

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Aaron Kocourek 02-14-2013 2:29 PM

Great list! I was recently looking for a list like this and only found outdated articles. Now I'm going to test a few of the solutions out.

Web Design Firm 03-11-2013 2:42 PM

Good list Allison. Was not aware of a few like UserVoice.

CustomerO 06-11-2013 3:25 PM

We use Customer Thermometer for gathering feedback, it's a one click survey so we get great response rates. perhaps one to add to your list Allison, as I know some of the longer surveys can put customers off filling them in. this method does get around that issue.

JackS 06-18-2013 2:02 PM

For brick and click operations www.stopbox.com offers a way of getting customer feedback via a QR code or NFC tag through your customer's smartphone.

Radiant360.com 10-28-2013 9:02 AM

Google moderator is a good platform for gathering customer feedback.

emarc.co.uk 11-04-2013 1:29 AM

I have used UserVoice and it is a good tool.

JoshW 01-13-2014 2:50 PM

Great updated list! We use My Hall Monitor for our customer feedback and thought maybe you would like to review that service and add it to your list. You can collect reviews, feedback, custom polls, contact forms, community discussions, customer support tickets and more. Best part is a majority of their services are free!

ElvinasK 06-05-2014 4:02 AM

https://www.trackduck.com visual feedback tool for website design and development would make a great addition to this list. It's simple to use, could be integrated with Basecamp and JIRA, provides option for anonymous feedback and has many more useful features.

Surbhi Sheth 09-12-2014 1:39 AM

Rationally speaking, it is going to be rather your customers who can review your products and advice upon where exactly your business needs to be improved or enhanced with; helping you to show what errors you do while serving them! They are your valuable mentors; but, it is not like you approach them directly and beg for their advices. Tricks and tactics are there that are really good in helping you get them in and speak about products.

This write-up has brilliantly explained such necessary tips. Appreciate them. Platforms shown including the Get Satisfaction option, Suggestion Box, Opinion Lab, User Voice, Google Moderator and others do appear much obliging for one. Largely recommended!

AndyB 10-27-2014 12:30 PM

Hi. ...compared to the other vendors in the list, there is a whole other range of vendors in the market that offer more enterprise grade technology, real platforms with richer functionality. These would be:  medallia, allegiance, confirmit, etc. I work for a company called Eco Consumer Services (www.geteco.com) Of course I am biased, but I do believe that our solution stands out as one of the leading in terms of richness of features, while offering the technology at the same ease of use and price points as the mid market solutions.

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Uche - What Is Spam 12-25-2014 2:51 PM

Customer feedback is extremely powerful, that's why many large corporations actually pay people to give feedback on their products. Getting constructive feedback for free, is a win win for the owner.

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JackD 01-16-2015 1:30 PM

I like this list a lot! I've used quite a few of these tools myself. I actually created another one in this space and thought it might be useful to add to the list. Its called WebReviewNinja.com and it gets you written feedback for your website, from real people, in just a couple hours.

Goal is to help site owners know exactly what improvements can be made to make their site better.

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thiết bị định vị xe máy 04-05-2015 8:32 PM

Hi, I have used UserVoice. It is a good tool. Tks

ShaunS 04-06-2015 10:15 PM

All of these tools are useful to collect feedback from your website. Other few are great at creating feedback forms and surveys. http://www.usermemo.com helps to collect feedback for the assets that are usually unattended (eg: vending machines). It helps businesses to stay on top of the performance of their remote assets. Further, usermemo.com helps to collect feedback at a micro level which is really useful

cap quang fpt 04-08-2015 11:04 PM

Thanks for share. It helps businesses to stay on top of the performance of their remote assets

sua ong chua 04-11-2015 3:47 AM

Google moderator is a good platform for gathering customer feedback. - See more at: www.websitemagazine.com/.../10-platforms-for-obtaining-customer-feedback.aspx

thiet bi dinh vi xe may 04-13-2015 8:39 PM

I have used UserVoice and it is a good tool.

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