AI-Powered Predictive Analytics for IT Operations

Log analysis company has released a new analytics solution that is powered by artificial intelligence, which is designed to identify critical events in IT environments before they become a serious problem that affects revenues.

The problem to date has been that humans just can't process all of the information they need to in order to take corrective action in time.'s new Cognitive Insights platform aims to change that however.

The platform leverages the patent-pending Unified Machine Intelligence engine which uses hundreds of different data sources to understand how humans are interacting with data. The engine includes supervised machine-learning algorithms that piece together human interactions with log data as well as social threads, discussion forums, and open source repositories to create a living data pool of hundreds of thousands of known, important, and relevant insights that may even contain resolutions to critical issues.

"We realized early on that no matter how many tools and products a company has, it always comes down to the human experts to know what is really going on," said Tomer Levy, co-founder and CEO of

"No organization can have expertise in every underlying infrastructure or product that it uses. We created Cognitive Insights to enable organizations to leverage the collective expertise of the best engineers around the world and apply it to their own environment."