Analytics Master List - 15+ Solutions

Microsoft shut the doors on its analytics offering recently. While not too many Web professionals are scurrying around looking for an alternative yet, there are certainly plenty out there. Google Analytics is a fine solution for those looking to gather some insights from the consumer traffic moving through their websites, but with so many other (some might argue better) options in the market, where will Web professionals turn?


Many Web professionals choose an analytics solution because of its price, not its feature set, which might be one reason, but with so many providers on the market, perhaps it's time to take a look around at the competition. Here are 20-plus analytics vendors and a brief overview of their services.


Is the analytics solution that you utilize missing from this list? If so, comment below to share that information with other Website Magazine readers.


AT Internet - A provider of both Web analytics and online intelligence solutions, AT Internet's XiTi Analyzer II has key features that include optimized tagging methodology, ClickZone heatmaps and overlay, customizable dashboards, measurement of rich media, navigation optimization, qualitative analytics, mobile analytics and on-demand reporting. 


Auriq Systems - AuriQ systems's RTmetrics features several interesting website analysis features, including an intuitive visual path analysis, search engine optimization reports, clickstream analysis, mapping features, and flexible data collection methods. A 30-day trial is available at no cost.

BLVD Status - One of the more popular free analytics providers, BLVD Status offers a robust suite of features including RSS and form conversion tracking, outgoing link conversion tracking, real-time tracking and other commons analytics functionality and reports. WordPress bloggers can even use the BLVD Status WP Plugin.

Coremetrics - As one of the premier providers of analytics solutions, CoreMetrics Analytics features a robust content analysis, scenario analysis, profile mining, onsite search, multichannel and multi-site analytics. Suited especially for merchants, Coremetrics offers the ability to map product and promotional effectiveness based on site goals.

DC Storm - DC Storm provides an integrated Web analytics and PPC optimziation solution. Its analytics offering, Storm Analytics, offers users several standard features, but differentiates itself through the use of custom rules applicable to distinct traffic sources, helpful for tracking PPC and organic traffic.

etracker - The various analytics solutions provided by etracker (ranging in price from US$15-$215 based on page impressions) is a SaaS solution with decent features including overlay maps, tracking forecasting, and several other basic features. Advanced features are available only on advanced and unlimited plans.

eVisit Analyst - Offering a suite of reporting tools that focus on customer interaction and through advanced filtering and key data analysis can reveal individual customer behavior. eVisit Analyst offer specific solutions for mobile analytics, analytics for retail enterprises, governmental and education institutions, finance and media properties.

Facilitate Digital - More of a digital marketing system, the FaciliateOne system from Faciliate Digital brings together data from multiple digital marketing touchpoints. From online display and rich media to Web analytics to workfllow toolsets, the solution offers one view from one system for multi-channel marketers.

Intellitracker - Web analytics from Intellitracker are focused solutions to help online marketers understand their visitors with features such as deep profiling capabilities, Intellimap (which stores every click a visitor makes), the collaborative Desktop working environment, Applink which can stream data to third-party apps and a whole lot more. 

Lyris (Clicktracks) - The Web analytics software solutions from Lyris are a powerful way to identify visitor-conversion performance data (even down to the keyword level). The software enables users to compare segments, understand visitor behavior, and develop landing pages populated with the correct tracking ocde. Merchants can even import shopping cart data.

MarketWave - A Web analytics solution for businesses, MarketWave provides tracking of key performance indicators through its online dashboard, offers a conversion manager and funnel reporting, automatic ROI calculations, DataLink functionality (which connects online and offline data) and quite a few more interesting features.

Omniture - More of an online business optimziation suite than a web analytics provider alone, Omniture's SiteCatalyst touts an actionable offering with features such as pre-built reporting and analytics, mobile analytics, innovative work flow, video and social optimization reports, advanced segmentation and flexible data integration.

SmarterStats - This web log analytics tool is suited to either single websites or those across a distributed network. Features include smart reporting tools that understand real traffic (and note spider traffic), robust data mining tools, an architecture that allows for multiple installations methods to log files locally or remotely, and a reliable administration system.

VisiStat - Website tracking solution VisiStat provides all of the traditional analytics data, but differentiates itself through its more powerful features, such as user notes that can be included "sticky-style" into reports to indicate important events or reminders, a Stats API for advanced users to take raw data and create custom reports, page grouping and isolation, browser filtering, and much more.

WebTrends - Another of the leaders in Web analytics and marketing intelligence, WebTrends offers an solution that can be tailored to specific users or lines of business, provides detailed reporting, a subscription pricing model, automatic upgrades and flexible support options.


Woopra - One of the richest user interfaces of all providers, Woopra is a personal favorite that is unique as it provides live tracking and web statistics. Users can manage multiple blogs or websites, features searchable data, a click-to-chat feature and visitor and member tagging.

Yahoo! Web Analytics - Formerly IndexTools, the website reporting system - in addition to its real time analytics - offers a helpful exeutive dashboard to quickly set goals, custom reports, advanced path analytics, marketing workflow management, comparative reporting and advanced PPC campaign management to track and optimize PPC campaigns.