Anomaly Detection in Adobe Analytics

There has been a surge of products from digital solution providers emerging that hope to help marketers and data analysts identify and act upon insights that emerge from the performance of their businesses. 

Adobe Analytics (part of Adobe's Marketing Cloud platform) for example, has just released numerous new capabilities and advancements.  Most notably, users of Adobe Analytics now have anomaly detection - predictive analytics capabilities that can identify the data points that often fall outside of the "norms" based on historical trends; those missed by even the savviest data scientist.

"Today's marketers are being held accountable for consistently improving the returns they can deliver on marketing spend," said Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social, Adobe. "New Adobe Analytics capabilities like predictive analytics and data visualization will help marketers understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and drive better business results."

The data visualization capability, which enables marketers to visually understand performance, is but one of the interesting upgrades being announced. Adobe Analytics users now have access to real-time reporting, mobile analytics, in-app conversion analysis, even video metrics. It's an aggressive release in terms of the number of new feature, but will likely be well received by digital professionals looking for more powerful solutions. 

"Adobe continues to deliver innovations in analytics that make it easier for marketers to do our jobs and prove ROI," said Ben Meacham, Web Analytics and Multi-VariateTesting Manager, Skullcandy. "The new real-time reporting functionality will enable us to get insights into our data faster, which helps us drive better business results."