Beyond Shares; Content Analytics in Focus

Glam Media, a "vertical" social media company focused on lifestyle, has partnered with SaaS analytics company Moat to measure content engagement and effectiveness behyond common measures such as page views and social shares. 

With all the current chatter about content marketing, you would think there would be a virtual flood of solutions to help marketers understand how content is performing - but, alas, there really is not. 

Glam Content Analytics however, which is powered by Moat, will help digital enterprises determine just how much attention a user is paying to a particular piece of branded content and how that attention benchmarks against other campaigns. As more and more marketers start leveraging content marketing, and distributing brand assets far and wide through the virtual world, content performance is definitely going to receive more attention. 

In the case of Glam's new content analytics offering, the user's attention is examined through focus-related attributes such as whether the user is actively scrolling through the content and how much time is spent with the content in the user's active browser window, among other factors. All in all, I think you'll probably see just how important this will be to those investing anything in the tactic. 

"The industry has galvanized momentum around the notion of content marketing- be it creation, curation, syndication, etc. - as an effective means to enhance consumer connection to brands," said Luke Kigel, SVP and Managing Partner, Universal McCann. 

"The ability to understand the effectiveness of the content itself is paramount, what works and what doesn't, and what 'working' even means in content. There needs to be a mechanism to prove out the power and added benefits of content marketing to drive a client's business. Glam Content Analytics offers something that has never existed in this form and is sorely needed."