Desktop Marketing Dashboard - Google Analytics

Wouldn't it be nice to always have Web performance data available on your desktop? No more logging in? No more scouring through reports you don't need to find the one piece of data you do? Problem solved. Desktop business intelligence dashboard Klipfolio just added a Google Analytics dashboard and it's a handy way to keep important web metrics visible.

Klipfolio's solutions (for internal communications, sales, help desks, marketing, supply chains, etc.) provide business critical intelligence through a dashboard on users desktops. Adding a Google Analytics dashboard however makes the power of Klipfolio much more accessible to the general Web professional.

The Klipfolio Dashboard for Google Analytics ( enables users to read accounts with multiple websites and sub-domains in one place. Boasting the unique ability to duplicate Klips - small graphical displays that make up Klipfolio dashboards - users can access side-by-side goal tracking of multiple websites and display only the web analytics and trends over time that matter to them.

Available Klips include top keywords, Web visitor statistics (including page views and bounce rates), traffic sources, goal performance, and Google Adwords campaign performance metrics.

Below is an image of the Klipfolio Google Analytics dashboard: