Google Analytics and Adsense Get Married

Publishers using both Google Analytics and Google Adsense can now officially integrate their accounts.


Marrying the accounts takes just a few minutes. Publishers need to log into AdSense, select the "Integrate your Adsense account with Google Analytics" on the Reports > Overview tab and simply follow the on-screen instructions. Once complete, publishers will find an AdSense-specific menu under the "Content" section of Analytics containing reports on the top Adsense Content, top AdSense referrers and AdSense Trending. The last reports lets publishers analyze how a site generate revenue during different times of the day and different days of the week.


The Adsense overview shows you ten metrics that summarize the Adsense activity on your site. The total revenue made, revenue per CPM, total ads clicks, the Adsense CTR, the eCPM (estimate cost per thousand page impressions, or the revenue per thousand impressions), the total number of impressions (and impressions per visit).