Google Analytics: Track Phone Calls

Telephone application platform company IfByPhone made a whopper of an announcement today. Marketers are now able to integrate direct-response call data with Web-based advertising information available from Google® Analytics. That essentially means that it's now possible to gauge the impact of an offline lead-generation campaign.

Ifbyphone blends call-detail data with Google Analytics website statistics, creating a Marketing 2.0 "mashup" that essentially measures the success of how well an ad performed as part of an integrated marketing campaign. The data that results provides detailed insights as to where the telephone calls came from the same way website and click-stream data is viewed with online campaigns. The IfByPhone app creates a pseudo Web page that is dynamically linked to the Smart Telephone Number assigned to an Ifbyphone customer's account. Each time the phone rings, a page view is automatically counted by Google to provide advertisers with new insight from their inbound lead generation telephone activity in a far more comprehensive manner. In addition to page views, each telephone number may also be associated with a Google tracking value for source, content, campaign, term and medium.

Ifbyphone CEO Irv Shapiro said, "We've now make it easy for any advertiser to track, trace and report a campaign's specifically assigned telephone numbers that are published in ads and company literature, or aired on television and radio spots, and track calls in Google Analytics."