Identify and Resolve User Experience Issues with Session Replay Tool SessionCam

How much do Internet professionals and Web workers really know about what their users are doing when they are on their websites? 

SessionCam, a technology solution for recording and analyzing customer interaction on high-traffic websites, has added several new features to its session replay solution designed to provide brands with a range of insights into customer engagement. 

Some of the new SessionCam features include a new Chrome browser extension that makes it possible to play recordings within the reporting console of both Google Analytics and Adobe Site Catalyst. Users, for example, may notice that the bounce rate on a new page is high. By clicking on the SessionCam play button, they can watch recordings of users that bounced and possibly understand the reasons for the behavior. 

SessionCam heatmaps now also include link analytics for each link on a Web page, providing information such as the percentage of the total number of clicks on the page, the average time to click or hover (from page load), the percentage of hovers, the average time hovering over a link and more. 

In addition to link analytics, tighter integration with analytics providers and some new geo-filters, SessionCam is also introducing a new in-page search feature that will enable users to identify and view specific information. For example, SessionCam users will be able to view sessions where a specific message was displayed to a user, using that information to assess and react to usability and customer service issues. 

"Our goal is to help our customers quickly identify and solve a wide variety of website usability and conversion problems," said Kevin Goodings, CEO of SessionCam. "The introduction of in-page search, geo-filters, link analytics and tighter integration with the two leading analytics packages will make it easier to see where website problems occur, quantify the commercial impact of these issues, and implement remedies. These new features all complement and extend the value enterprise clients can derive by using a session replay tool like SessionCam."