Last Ditch Bounce Rate Reduction Effort

There's no better way to determine how well website content and website design are contributing to the user experience (and your own conversion metrics) than that of bounce rate.

Bounce rate (as well as its digital cousin exit rate) is very useful in determining how effective Web pages are at encouraging users to continue with their visit. Bad design? Nonsensical content? Your visitor is going to bounce. You can count on it.

Even if you do happen to follow many of the best practices in Web design, and are a master at creating unique, engaging content, your website visitors may still leave without actually taking the action that you want them to take. Isn't there anything you can do? One more last ditch digital effort you can make to get in front of your visitors one more time with a compelling call to action? Well, how about the jQuery Pageleave plugin (

The plugin fires an event (such as a modal box) after some initial delay when the user moves their mouse to the location bar. The plugin does not prevent the user from actually leaving the site so it should not be used when working with dynamic databases where changes need to be saved, but it presents an opportunity to make one more appeal to the user(or as seen in the image below, a request for feedback).