Mastering Web Analytics - WAA Certification

As the conversation continues to shift from how we acquire traffic to what we do with it once it arrives on site, a firm grasp of analytics (perhaps even an expertise it) would server your Web business well. 

For this reason I want to call your attention to a recent announcement from the Web Analytics Assocation. The WAA is now accepting applications for its certification program for Web analysts.  The examination rounds for WAA certification will be offered in San Jose, CA, and London in May 2010, and in New York in June 2010.

From the announcement: The WAA certification program is open to all Web analytics professionals, including both the IT professionals who use Web analytics tools and the marketing professionals who apply Web analytics data to business operations. Because the focus of the examination is not on the implementation or usage of tools but on the ability to generate business value, both IT and marketing professionals will be able to showcase their knowledge of the space as well as their business value through WAA certification.

"We are really excited to finally bring certification to the marketplace," said Alex Langshur, president of the WAA. "Our goal is to create a standardized test that represents a comprehensive body of knowledge, one that employers will recognize as a high-caliber differentiator when making hiring decisions, and that Web analysts will see as generating value to their credentials when it comes to compensation. We believe this certification achieves that and more."