Measure Digital's Contribution to Overall Business

Rick Lindsey
by Rick Lindsey 16 Jan, 2023

Most visitors who start in Web or mobile, end up buying in stores, making it all the more important to measure digital's contribution.

ForeSee is releasing a new customer experience (CX) product designed to link customers digital experiences to post-visit actions across all channels and with competitors.

The new Digital Contribution product, introduced this week at Shoptalk, gives companies the ability to accurately analyze and understand what customers do when they leave a digital channel, and why.

Here's how the offering works. A few days after a visit to a desktop website, mobile site, or mobile app, customers receive a survey by email (or text) asking what they did next, including what channels they used, what competitors they visited (online or in store), why they turned to competitors if they did so, and whether they purchased or not using another channel.

ForeSee then uses this data quantify digital's contribution to the broader customer journey - which is proving to be increasingly important in today's omnichannel landscape. 

"Average digital conversion rates are incredibly low -- more than 96 percent of shoppers leave a site or app without buying anything," said Dan Chester, ForeSee's retail practice leader.

"Understanding what they do next is one of the biggest challenges facing retailers today. Did they buy from you but in another channel? Did they buy from or visit a competitor? It's impossible to understand or adequately resource digital if you don't have answers to these key questions. Quantifying the positive influence digital is having on other channels drives productive internal conversations and debates."