Measuring Funnels with Flurry App Analytics

As mobile applications become a core aspect of running a business (not just a Web business), analytics is increasingly taking center stage. And within apps, there's lots of data to be had.


With little in the way of standards, however, most developers struggle not just with what's important but how to translate that to meaningful information.

With a suite of powerful new features, Flurry Analytics customers can now build funnels to measure their most important conversions, stay notified of trending metrics with alerts and create custom dashboards to access key metrics in one convenient place. Ten thousand new customers have adopted Flurry Analytics since December 2011, and with 35,000 additional apps added to the system, the total is now more than 170,000.


Over that same time period, Flurry Analytics application sessions tracked per day increased from 760 million to 1.2 billion, an increase of more than 50 percent.

"We have a diverse audience using our analytics service, ranging from business decision-makers to product managers to developers," says Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf. "This upgrade gives every stakeholder the ability to get to the data that matters most, and gives them the chance to act immediately."

All new features are available to all apps already using Flurry Analytics on iOS, Android, HTML5, BlackBerry and JavaME.