New PRWeb Analytics Reports

Online news distribution service PRWeb released new analytics reports for measuring results from news releases. If you've ever used a news distribution service (the wire) before, you know how absolutely atrocious the data you receive can be. 

The types of analytics, which will be provided to cusotmers at all PRWeb distribution levels, include media deliveries (a list of the specific media outlets where the release was distributed), online pick-up (showing a listing of the differnet websites where he release appeared - interestingly the system is powered by Yahoo!'s BOSS [build your own search service]), and visitor interaction (including click-through data, prints, forwards, PDF downloads, and website interactions).

"These new reporting enhancements are all about helping our customers better understand what happens once their news release has been published on PRWeb," said Jiyan Wei, director of Product Management for PRWeb. "They will now be provided with a much better sense for where it is sent, where it appears and most importantly, what people are doing once they read the news release."