Export When Ready; Open Reporting Comes to Tickr

The more you know about the past performance of digital marketing campaigns, the better positioned you are to make the right choices for future initiatives.

A new reporting feature within Tickr, a product that enables its user to unify and visualize data (enterprise metrics, social media, news, web traffic, sales) from within a single interface, has released a new feature dubbed Open Reporting. Tickr customers will be able to aggregate Tickr-archived data into custom reports using their own preferred "off-the-shelf" reporting software. Essentially, Tickr's Open reporting enables you to export data that Tickr collects to dozens of popular reporting tools - including Tableau Software, Adobe PDF Excel, Oracle, SAP, etc.

"We believe that the future of enterprise software is openness and flexibility, both of which are key to enabling multi-vendor solutions. Monolithic, single-vendor, enterprise software will soon be a thing of the past. Tickr is capitalizing on this trend to grow its enterprise customer base," said Tim Satterwhite, Vice-President, Sales at Tickr.

"We believe this is a first in our industry -- no other business intelligence product enables customers to consolidate all types of business intelligence data, archive it, and then report on it, using the reporting tool of their choice," added Satterwhite.

Tickr Open Reporting is available now upon request, and it will be rolled out as a standard feature in the Tickr software platform in the second half of 2014.