"Parlez-vous Analytics?

If there were going to be a lingua-franca, a common language, of the digital business realm today it should be that of analytics.

Web professionals of all types (designers and marketers, developers and advertisers) are actively seeking to future proof their careers by becoming fluent in the beautifully nuanced language of analytics, learning useful and practical skills that provide immense value to companies that employ them.

By 2020 there will be millions of job openings for data science and analytics positions (see Stat Watch), and salaries for these specialists are simultaneously and dramatically increasing already (average annual earnings for analytics managers for example now tops $100,000). Only by taking an optimized approach to these initiatives however will it ever be possible to make a significant difference for enterprises pursuing greater business profits and deeper intelligence about users.

The problem of course is that most digital decision-makers (90 percent according to Couchbase) are having their ambitions to use data for new digital services held back due to a lack of resources, the complexity of using multiple technologies or reliance on legacy data technology systems. Perhaps by gaining some fluency in analytics, enterprises can accelerate their 'Net success.

In the November issue of Website Magazine, readers will discover several different forms of analytics and the rich diversity of solutions available to help Web professionals like them aggregate, analyze and report on any manner of data and get one step closer to generating meaningful insights that drive profit and engagement.

Gaining fluency in analytics is essential to the success of every enterprise, but the topic is far from the only one covered in this monthly edition of Website Magazine. Readers will also gain practical tips on total business optimization, email marketing during the holidays, data-driven search engine optimization initiatives, content marketing and website redesign challenges for the modern enterprise.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino

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