Quantivo for Online Media [Behavorial Analytics]

Behavioral analytics provider Quantivo announced a new solution today that includes 22 online media audience behavior insights as out-of-the box reports.

Quantivo for Online Media includes Quantivo Analyzer, Quantivo Enrich, 22 online media Instant Insights and a professional services package designed to get online media customers answers to customer questions, then view and export those underlying customer details. Enrich is an advanced data enrichment and integration solution that creates a view of customer behaviors by backfilling missing web analytics data, connecting multi-channel behaviors and adding important business metrics to the original data.

"Online media companies face the constant challenge of attracting new visitors to their site and keeping their audience engaged," said Brian Kelly, CEO of Quantivo. "Combine this challenge with the demand to keep up with fast-changing audience trends and the constant spikes and ebbs of news and popular content. Marketing, editorial and content departments are becoming overwhelmed. We took key insights gained from working with leading online media companies and pre-built behavioral reports that will give every media company immediate knowledge of why their customers do what they do, and a foundation to build their own unique behavioral reports, segmentations and insights."