Quiz Time: Analyze This, Get Paid for That.

Interest and investment in data science and analytics (DA) is growing exponentially.

Assess your current level of familiarity with these important industry trends and what these related skills could mean for your professional career in this month's Website Magazine Quiz Time with information gathered from a 2017 report from IBM, Burning Glass Technologies and Business-Higher Education Forum. 

(The answers are at the bottom of this page.)

1. What is the functional role of an analytics manager?

a. To understand and optimize Web usage.
b. To oversee analytical operations and communicate insights to executives.

c. To say "the data shows" as much as humanly possible.

2. The average annual salary for analytics managers is:

a. $45,312
b. $192,714

c. $105,909

3. The average time it takes to fill an analytics manager role is:

a. 14 days
b. 43 days

c. 1 day

4. Data science and analytics jobs stay open this many days longer than the market average:

a. 43 days
b. No difference

c. 5 days

5. The two industries showing the most demand for data science and analytics jobs are:

a. Retail and automakers
b. Nail salons and breweries

c. Finance and professional services

6. What is the highest paying analytics skill?

a. MapReduce
b. BotAnalysis

c. NadaSQL

7. What is the hardest-to-fill analytics skill?

a. SAP Analytics
b. Apache Pig

c. Enterprise Data Management and Database Schemas (Tied)

8. What is an emerging C-suite role?

a. Chief Analytics Executive
b. SVP of SQL

c. Chief Argument Settler

9. Which is not one of the top-10 fastest-growing analytics skills?

a. SQL
b. Data visualization

c. Pivot tables

10. Overall, 39 percent of data scientists and advanced analysts jobs require this:

a. A master's or Ph.D.
b. 15 years of experience and a letter of recommendation from Apache himself.
c. A J.D. and a Ph.D.

Answers: 1.B; 2.C; 3.B; 4.C; 5.C; 6.A; 7.C; 8.A; 9.A; 10.A