Repinner Analytics from Pinleague

The popularity of Pinterest has risen dramatically over the past 18-24 months, successfully capturing the attention of consumers as well as social media marketers. 

While Pinterest's Web traffic seems to be leveling out somewhat, dropping 1.48 percent month-over-month according to Compete, the good times likely aren't coming to an end just yet. Savvy marketers understand that in this case, it's not the size of the audience that matters, but how active those community members are when it comes to interacting with their brand. And they are most certainly active.

With 70 million, rather highly engaged users (mostly young women), Pinterest is quickly proving to be an important (if not essential) part of social media marketing today (at least it is for many brands). What marketers are finding is that the more they know about their most engaged users, the better able they are to target them with appealing content in the future and lead them into the conversion funnel - and ultimately a sale.

Pinterest has taken steps to help ecommerce marketers in particular but it's analytics products have proven lackluster at best for brands. Fortunately, there are some other analytics solutions designed specifically for Pinterest which warrant some attention.

PinLeague is a good example. The software-as-a-service analytics and marketing platform released a new Top Repinners feature, which allows clients to see a rather detailed level of data about who is repinning their content, which repinners are most active and over what time frame. That's a big improvement over what marketers had to rely on previously - waiting on individual notifications from Pinterest alerting them when someone had repinned one of their pins.

"Repins are the most common form of user engagement on Pinterest, yet, repins are not well understood," said Danny Maloney, CEO and Co-Founder of PinLeague. "Before we implemented this new feature, marketers did not have adequate visibility into who was repinning their content, where it was being repinned, and why."