SaaS Call Analytics at adTrax

Phone call and conversion analytics provider KeyMetric today released adTrax, a software-as-a-service call analytics tool that enables users to manage and administer their own phone numbers, campaigns, conversions, and account details. 

Being able to integrate phone call analytics with user search data is going to make adTrax a must-have solution for agencies, as it offers up insights into the performance of online and offline advertising right alongside greater control of the process. KeyMetric adTrax works in partnership with Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Search, and many other ad publishers, affiliate and content networks, social media sites, referring traffic sources and offline advertising campaigns.

 "7 out of every 10 online searches result in an offline phone call, and unless businesses are accurately tracking online-to-offline engagements they cannot make intelligent decisions to improve advertising effectiveness and ROI," says Chief Sales Officer Toni Hume. "Marketers have been lobbying for a self-contained call analytics platform, and KeyMetric is the only company to deliver it."