Short URLs With Analytics

The problem with using short URL services such as TinyURL is that you can't really tell how effective they are (how many people click on them) much less where they have been seen on the wider Web. In a time when analytics is so important, I believe that services such as (which offers short URLs with traffic statistics) will eventually become the norm.

Cligs Short URL enables anyone to create a short URL from a longer one. Web pro's will not be able to keep the information private unless they register for a free account (which is quick and painless). I created a "clig" for the which shows all the post that are public on Analytics are kept for 30 days. What's helpful at are the depth of the reports. Users can see the latest activity from search engine bots on their Cligs short URL, mentions on social media sites like Twitter and inbound links to the destination URL. There is even a handy little bookmarklet available which creates shortened links on the fly.