Simplifying Analytics with Narrative Science

Let's be honest; website analytics can be a real bore.

While valuable insight can be hidden in our often massive sets of data, it's not typically in a language or format that is easily understood. Fortunately, there are solutions for this very common problem. Narrative Science and its Quill Engage product, for example, was featured by Website Magazine last year as one of those vendors innovating in the analytics space.

What is unique about the artificial intelligence-powered application is that it translates Google Analytics data into actionable natural language reports that can be used to understand and improve website performance. The reports generate "narratives" that communicate key metrics, including content engagement, Web traffic and sources, referrals, paid search and audience segmentation to highlight performance drivers and provide actionable recommendations.

The newly enhanced version offers additional data analysis (including information on a site's visitor behavior including analysis on goals and conversions, events and ecommerce), the ability to customize reports (e.g. add company branding, select key performance indicators to highlight), and simplified sharing (reports can now be scheduled for automated sharing). 

"Small businesses and marketing agencies can struggle with understanding what is driving website performance but with Quill Engage, the data is analyzed and presented in a way that almost anyone can understand," said Stuart Frankel, co-founder and CEO at Narrative Science. "By upgrading to the new version of Quill Engage, users can spend more time improving a business' digital presence and less time trying to make sense of the huge volumes of data generated by Google Analytics."