Top 50 Analytics Vendors - September 2012

Marketing and development tend to be the focus and priority of Web workers today.

These are often high-profile and "big action" professions for the most part - developers build things, marketers cause things to happen, and nothing moves forward without them. There are many other digital responsibilities necessary to achieve success on the 'Net however, and it is hard to disagree that few play a more meaningful and important role than that of Web analytics.

There was once a time in digital history when the extent of the information available within popular analytics solutions was unique visitors and pageviews alone - my how the times have changed. Today's top solutions provide valuable insights into the user experience, as well as report the most common Web metrics for understanding and exploring performance (over time and in real time).

The information that can be extracted from the top platforms is unmatched in terms of the level of granularity and the usefulness provided. When informed change happens, the digital experience benefits - that's the promise of analytics and why it should be the new (or renewed) focus of every Web worker - including you - if it is not already.

While there is still a place for basic tracking and reporting, those businesses that want to get a few steps ahead of the competition must fully leverage every capability of the analytics solution in use within their enterprise. Website Magazine's upcoming October 2012 issue will provide an overview of the must-have capabilities of these essential digital analytics offerings, but let this edition of