Tracking BOPO with Content Analytics

Shopping today is unique in that it can blend virtual and real-world experiences. To be done well these digital buying experiences must be executed perfectly and that means having the right data available.  

Ecommerce solution Content Analytics recently announced a new reporting capability that provides brands an opportunity to pinpoint discrepancies between click and collect availability and in-store inventory.

The new Geo-Tracking, Click and Collect report monitors a brand's products and provides pricing and availability for click and collect by retailer location, providing sellers with the ability to identify issues that could lead to a loss of revenue.

The report shows what products are reporting as available/unavailable for click and colelct, providingonine pricing and avaiablity byu location for each retailer sand product and can deliver this data at any customized interval. Brands can even cross-reference in-store inventory reports to determine which retailers need to update the buy option.

Often when a product is in-stock at a physical store, the retailer's online site doesn't show that the same product includes a click-and-collect option. Brands see this anecdotally and need both visibility and documentation that demonstrates when retailers are not displaying their in-store products properly online.

"More than ever, shoppers are turning to the convenience of buying online and picking up in store. Our clients are spending time and resources to manually track their products' click-and-collect availability. Our new reporting capability eliminates a virtually impossible manual process and gives a scalable, precise, and clear picture of availability for both brands and retailers," said David Feinleib, CEO of Content Analytics.