Yahoo! Analytics Beats Google Analytics

According to research by analyst firm CMS Watch, Yahoo!'s Web Analytics service surpassed Google in several key categories in relation to use by enterprises. You might remember that Yahoo! acquired analytics vendor IndexTools back in early 2008.

CMS Watch released its 470-page Web Analytics Report 2009, which evaluates 20 web analytics platforms against 12 potential use-cases. Vendors reviewed include Bango, Coremetrics, GlanceGuide, Intellitracker, Lyris, Nedstat, Omniture, Unica, Visible Measures, and WebTrends, as well as Google and Yahoo!. 

CMS Watch found that Yahoo! Web Analytics surpasses Google in several key areas, including:

  • Better access control options and simpler approach to multi-site analytics
  • Larger default monthly page-view limits (200MM vs. 5MM - unless you have an active AdWords campaign)
  • Access to traffic data: Both vendors retain the right to hold and use your web analytics data for their own purposes, but Yahoo! gives you the ability to export out your raw, unaggregated data
  • Longer historical availability of raw data

CMS Watch also found that Yahoo! Web Analytics had its drawbacks, including an administrative complexity that accompanied its functional richness, and present lack of 24/7 tech support.  "Ultimately, for some enterprises, neither Google nor Yahoo! makes a good fit," explained CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne, "and those customers should consider fee-based web analytics solutions."