Yotta: The New Guy in Web Performance Analysis

Improve the user experience and you improve revenue, right? It only makes sense then that we're starting to see more companies enter a previously shallow pool of performance monitoring services on the market.

The latest is Yottaa which today unveiled a suite of free Web performance analytics tools in public beta (the company also announced the close of a $4 million round of venture funding from General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners and CambridgeWest Ventures).

What makes Yottaa unique is that it offers open access and an easy to use service to monitor Web site performance; identify problems such as third-party widgets, network latency or errors with DNS; and track the relationship between performance and business metrics.

"The growing importance of web performance is well documented, from the fact that Google now incorporates page load time into search engine rankings, to Mozilla's ability to increase Firefox downloads by 15 percent, simply by decreasing load time by 2 seconds," said Coach Wei, Yottaa's founder and CEO.

Yottaa's first product, Yottaa Insight, is available in beta now and allows users to monitor, analyze and improve site performance -- for free.

As site performance becomes an increasingly important factor to boost conversion rates, influence search engine rankings and increase overall user engagement, it's time to start thinking about the ramifications of a slow-loading website.