A New Way to Share Content

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 15 May, 2014

In creating a well rounded article there are no shortcuts.

Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day for writers to finish everything they planned on. Now though, there is a new way to republish high quality content. 

iCopyright.com, a website that helps content creators license and profit off their work, has recently launched a new content network called repubHub. The network allows licensed articles that are in their database to be republished on other websites for little or no fee.

The articles on the website, which are free to search through, come from various sources including International Business Times as well as the Chicago Tribune and Newsweek. Whether or not an article is republished for free depends on if the user allows for ads to accompany it. Users can also sign up to receive updates daily or as articles are published via RSS feeds or email.

"repubHub is an innovative content network enabling anyone to reuse and republish content from world-class publishers. repubHub also provides publishers with a syndication platform that empowers them to safely and easily license content to others," said iCopyright CEO Andrew Elston.

Additionally, the company has recently released an iCopyright plugin for WordPress that enables users to search through repubHub's database and republish articles directly from their WordPress dashboard. The plugin also allows users to make their content eligible for syndication on repubHub's database thanks to a licensing and republishing button that is placed on their content.

"Now, in addition to protecting and licensing content on their own websites," Elston added, "our technology gives publishers the ability to syndicate it to new readers and other publishers via repubHub. Offering an ad-supported option meets the needs of many websites that don't have the budget for traditional paid syndication arrangements."