Top 10 Digital Testing Tools

What makes "digital" so interesting to the modern enterprise is that everything, and we really mean everything, can be tested - including color choices, calls to action, images as well as price (and that's just scratching the virtual surface).

Digital testing however can seem overwhelming to beginners and 'Net experts alike as it's not always clear how to get started or what steps should be taken to yield a meaningful difference in an enterprise's bottom line. Many Web workers have gone before you, however, and a vast amount of information is at your disposal to guide your brand to answers on what to test and how to test those variables that influence users to buy (or, as it were, not to buy).

Let's take a look at some of the most powerful and popular digital testing tools on the market today for brands like yours looking to optimize the 'Net experience for their users. It is very important to note that when Internet professionals talk about testing, there are (for the most part) two kinds - actual website testing (which tests the different visual components, layouts, sales/marketing related collateral, etc.) and performance testing (which focuses more on the speed and delivery of the application to the end-users). For our purposes here, let's just focus on website testing. Speed and performance are obviously incredibly important to the customer experience, but speed and content delivery should always be a priority within your organization.

Also, many marketing automation solutions now incorporate A/B and multivariate testing tools (e.g. HubSpot acquired one of the more accessible A/B testing tools in Performable many years ago) so if you're in the market for such a solution, start by asking your existing vendors (including those that provide your content management system, marketing automation system, or customer relationship management software) if they currently integrate with one of the digital testing providers listed below or if they provide a homegrown testing solution that can be used.

Keep in mind that there are likely hundreds of other solutions that were not included on this list. That, of course, should not be an indication of their quality. If you are confident that the A/B or multivariate testing tool deserves a mention here (and elsewhere at Website Magazine), share a comment below or reach out to our team of editors.

1) Adobe Test & Target: Adobe Test&Target solution is designed for a more advanced user, but its integration with other Adobe products make it one of the best opportunities Web workers have available today in personalizing their customers experiences and maximizing revenue for their company.

2) SiteSpectFew of the vendors listed have such a long and storied history on the realm of digital testing as SiteSpect. The optimization platform enables marketers to test different parts of their site - from the front-end to the back-end - in order to drive improvements in conversion rate and engagement.

3) Montetate: Another of the long-time leaders in the testing vertical, Monetate has earned its place in the pantheon of the most powerful A/Bet testing and personalization platforms.

4) Optimizely: One of the more accessible of the Web's best testing solutions (thanks to a free plan that provides an impressive set of features), Optimizely goes beyond website testing, offering mobile application testing as well.

5) Visual Website Optimizer (VWO): Consistently one of the most recommended testing tools, VWO is accessible in price, easy to master, and a powerful opportunity for any brand looking to ensure they deliver the optimal digital experience.

There are, as previously mentioned, hundreds of other digital testing tools 'Net professional like you can use to accelerate their success. Some of the most popular include 6) Google Analytics' Content Experiments, 7) Unbounce, and 8) Autonomy Optimost (from HP) but there are other solutions emerging which are capturing the attention of digital workers like you including 9) Convert (which provides a very long list of integrations) and 10) Conductrics.

What are some of the testing solutions you have had the opportunity to work with? What did you like and what did you loathe? Share a comment (and some knowledge) with your fellow Website Magazine visitors below.