AlertSite ContentViews - Performance Metrics that Matter

Site performance management provider Alertsite released a new feature for its performance monitoring platform DejaClick dubbed ContentViews.  

DejaClick is an inside-the-browser transaction monitor, capturing and recording the Web experience from the actual end user's perspective. Users can record any multi-step transaction, or click stream, then play it back. It's pretty interesting to see in action and has gotten quite a lot of attention.

Site monitoring is an important part of more complex websites - particularly when it is so common to use such a variety of media and information assets (photos, videos, advertising, databases) and hence so many third-party resources out of our control. The firehose of reporting information on site activity can be overwhelming however - which is where DejaClick hopes its ContentViews feature will be welcomed.

"Websites are becoming increasingly complex, often containing hundreds of elements," says Ken Gross, President and CEO of AlertSite. "Organizations using ContentViews can easily create customizable categories for performance monitoring, testing, and report generation, so IT departments can avoid relaying messages or reviewing non-critical alerts, and thus maximize their productivity. ContentViews allows users to tap into DejaClick's performance analyses selectively, with accuracy and precision."

With ContentViews, Users organize the elements found (content, video, ads) during the DejaClick recording phase and categorize it. Users can then indicate how often alerts are issued and what departments will receive them. 

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