Big List of Testing & Optimization Tools

Testing can help any business achieve greater success, but finding a testing solution for your company's unique needs can be overwhelming.


This is because the Web is overflowing with software and services that all promise different things - from quick tests that take less than an hour to more complex options that enable users to test a multitude of variations. For help finding a solution that fits the needs of your enterprise, check out Website Magazine's big list of testing and optimization tools below:


Adobe Target


Adobe Target offers enterprises a personalization solution that helps them identify their best content through tests that are easy to implement. The solution enables users to create A/B and multivariate tests and offers automation features that enable users to personalize customer interactions in real time.


ion Interactive


ion Interactive offers quick, zero-code content marketing testing. Through the solution, users can conduct both A/B and multivariate tests, as well as choose how their traffic is distributed or automate optimization.


Load Impact


Load Impact offers on-demand performance testing. The solution can be leveraged to automate load testing, as well as test APIs, mobile, Web and Web apps. At the time of this writing, Load Impact has executed more than 1.7 million load tests.




Oracle's Maxymiser testing solution enables enterprises to launch A/B and multivariate tests. Users can also segment traffic so each visitor can experience a number of variants throughout the sales funnel. What's more, Maxymiser provides detailed analytics for tests and offers an easy-to-use visual editor.




Monetate's optimization solutions enable enterprises to create, implement and analyze A/B and multivariate tests in a single dashboard. The solution takes an approach that limits false positive and measures interaction between variables. Additionally, Monetate integrates with third-party data and provides visualization to make reports easy to comprehend.




Optimizely offers testing solutions that enable enterprises to experiment and optimize digital experiences across desktops and mobile devices. The company also provides users with a "Stats Engine" that helps users make better business decisions.




Sitecore's A/B and multivariate testing solution enables users to test content to improve conversion rates and build engagement. The testing capabilities are native to Sitecore, so there is no coding work required by users. Plus, users can test any component of their websites and view results from their initiative to take action.




SiteSpect offers both A/B and multivariate testing solutions, enabling users to test and optimize the entire digital experience. The company also provides powerful reporting that integrates with an enterprise's data ecosystem and third-party tools. What's more, users can deploy tests on-premise, and through the private or public cloud.




If you are simply looking for a website speed test, look no further than Pingdom. The company's website speed test tool analyzes load speed and identifies what on a page is fast, slow, too big, etc.


Usability Hub


Usability Hub offers a variety of testing options, from a quick five-second test (literally), to click and navigation tests. The navigation test, for example, helps enterprises view how people navigate through their website and applications, which makes them ideal for testing checkouts and signup flows.




Businesses can test their websites and mobile apps with UserTesting and get results in as little as an hour. UserTesting enables businesses to select a target audience, create their own tests and receive insights and videos from tests. What's more, UserTesting offers Pro plans, which gives users access to a team of research experts that can help businesses better reach their goals.


Visual Website Optimizer


Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) offers A/B and multivariate testing solutions. The solution is easy to leverage, enabling users build campaigns visually and create multiple variations of a site in just minutes. VWO also provides insights into tests, including conversion tracking and the statistical validity of results.




Webtrends' testing solution enables users to create A/B and multivariate tests across channels. The company touts an intuitive user interface as a key capability of its platform, in addition to easy deployment, powerful segmentation and security.




WiderFunnel offers both A/B and multivariate testing options to help businesses optimize their websites (based on stats) for the best chance of conversion. Plus, the company has a team of conversion optimization experts that help businesses create and run tests.